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Review: '10 Yards' at Stutz Art Space


Travis Little, "Early Checkout"
  • Travis Little, "Early Checkout"

You have to advance the ball ten yards to gain a first down in football. Accordingly, ten distinct "yards," or Indy locations, provide inspiration for artists in this Super Bowl-centric show curated by Andy Chen.

Chen's manipulated photograph "Beautiful with Strings" adds the word "But" to the "You Are Beautiful" sign on the Murphy Building, making for a potentially more downbeat message: "You Are Beautiful But..." The computer manipulation won't impress photography purists, but the piece is fun and exciting.

"Where the Ducks Are," a sculpture by Whitney Lake that provides a twisted take on the Broad Ripple bar scene, is also fun, as well as gaudy and provocative.

Two paintings provide takes on one of Indy's newest "yard": the environs surrounding, and inside, the JW Marriott. Kathy Blakenheim's fluid and loose "Something Old, Something New" shows this sleek new hotel rising over older structures and trees, engaging in a conversation with the sky. Travis Little's photo-real "Early Checkout" - composed with dyes and colored pencil - is a certain conversation starter. It shows a young woman, nude, leaning over her luggage in the JW Marriott lobby, checking her cellphone.

Some of the other work seems very loosely tied to the concept here, if at all, but that's not enough to keep this show from advancing the ball over the goal line. Through Feb. 24 at Stutz Art Space.


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