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Review: 9 to 5 at Beef & Boards



9 to 5 comes to life on Beef & Board's intimate stage with a 16-member cast, and a directing and design team and orchestra paying attention to the small stuff. Risqué and wise, the show reminds us how much things have changed since 1979 with regard to technology, how we think and speak, and our expectations.

Always on top of the sharp dialogue and never heavy-handed, the cast articulated the heart and soul of the show without giving short shrift to its abundant slapstick comedy. Act 1's fantasy scenes - which carried over into Act 2's "One of the Boys" - were on-the-mark funny and wistful.

Lafayette native Crystal Mosser, as a believable Parton double, gave us a standout "Backwoods Barbie." Sarah Hund made us believe she had her life back with "Get Out and Stay Out." Annie Egerton as Violet Newstead honestly explored the many dimensions of love in the duet with Kevin Scott, "Let Love Grow."

Deb Wims delivered a must-see performance as Margaret, Joanna Krupnick was an eye-popping Roz, and Andrew Lebon was the perfect boss from hell as Franklin Hart, Jr. Working as an ensemble the dancers brought zest to Ron Morgan's crisp choreography. Directed by Eddie Curry, Parton's music and lyrics and Patricia Resnick's book reminded us to treat each other with fairness and kindness - and to always keep an ear out for office gossip.


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