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Review: A Christmas Carol in Drag by Khaos Theatre Company

It's a show with opposite gender casting, not a drag show



2 stars

A Christmas Carol in Drag by Khaos Theatre Company seems like the title would be self explanatory, however it's just misleading. This is not so much a drag show, it is more like a cross dressing show. Or one might say, a show with opposite gender casting, but not a drag show!

Although, at times the production went back and forth between these types; leaving behind a confused and lost audience. However, Kudus to Khaos Theatre for trying to present an original script, especially one that is about Christmas, as we all know is an overdone story.

This story quickly turns into dark modern political commentary, complete with Donald Trump bashing and literal labels put on people represented in the show. Which in all fairness, Charles Dickens’ original Christmas Carol was also a social commentary, so maybe Khaos was trying to revamp that theme. Still, no one was asking “What in the world is going on?” during his version. Which I audibly heard from the audience member seated behind me.

Plot flaws aside, I didn’t mind the barebones set, costumes, or technical elements, but if you are going promise drag, then audiences are ready for elaborate costumes, large and fantastic characters, and on point musical numbers; which unfortunately, were all lacking in this production. Thank the Christmas Queens, that Iaan Brandenburg made a smashing entrance as the “Queen of Christmas Present," adding some of the missing elements in her fantastic holiday dress. Also, Hanna Yaeger gave a strong performance as a cross gendered cast Ebenezer Scrooge offering a very different approach to the role. Talor Poore’s bizarre and wonderful “King of Christmas Past” mixed with some David Bowie kept me interested in the holiday political journey that I wish she was more a part of.

In short, Kahos attempted to make a political statement about expressive extremism, sexuality and gender tolerance through a Christmas story that was clouded by too many ideas thrown in one production. 

Dec. 18-19
Khaos Company Theater  
3125 E 10th St


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