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Review: A Girl For All Seasons


Angel Burlesque founder Katie Angel - INSOMNIAC STUDIOS
  • Insomniac Studios
  • Angel Burlesque founder Katie Angel

A Girl For All Seasons

Angel Burlesque

Crackers Comedy Club, April 24-27

3.5 stars

Ever wanted to see Oprah strip? Or see the cast from the original Star Wars lip sync to "Bohemian Rhapsody" will slowly shedding their 70s-style costumes? Then Angel Burlesque has the show for you. This highly creative crew proved once again you can combine sensuality with goofball humor to great success.

Belle Breeze and Jeff Angel were mistress and master of ceremonies and, as usual, kept the audience grinning. In fact, one member at our table had to keep massaging her cheeks from the strain of constant laughter.

Highlights of the show included the above-mentioned Oprah performance by Bunny VanDoren, that culminated in a magazine cover equal to the merriment of her performance. And then there was the dance performance where a performer who, in the guise of a robin, had to figure out how to seduce worms out of the ground so that she might eat. The conflation of sexuality with the phallic nature of the worms was almost too much to bear. Then there was the April Fools piece, wherein the dancer was male on one side, female on the other side, in a hilarious, hermaphroditic performance.

Those looking for traditional strip tease tropes were not disappointed of course, as the troupe can take it off with the best of them, but Angel Burlesque, led by founder Katie Angel, also delivers an ironic and meta level to the proceedings, to involve other chakras other than the sacral one.


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