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Review: A Legacy of Leadership: Indiana University School of Nursing 1914-2014


A Legacy of Leadership: Indiana University School of Nursing 1914-2014By Leslie FlowersIndiana University Press
  • A Legacy of Leadership: Indiana University School of Nursing 1914-2014
    By Leslie Flowers
    Indiana University Press
It’s not just another attractive tabletop book — it’s a zestful documentation of one hundred years of nursing education in Indiana, showcasing the people whose leadership roles have shaped the quality of health care within and beyond the borders of our State.

While the abundance of photographs initially engage the narrative within each section depicts and describes the flux of change from 1914-2014. Flipping through we can see the way society has unburdened itself from the expectation of the all-female contingent wearing starched white uniforms (corset required) to the current crimson scrubs that identify an IU School of Nursing student representative of all genders and culture groups.

From the initial five students graduating from the then Training School for Nurses, to the present 4 digit enrollment, administrators have take a proactive role in training nurses to be ahead of the curve in health care, focusing on the strengths of partnerships between health care professionals.

Presented chronologically through five chapters we meet the personalities who designed the curriculum and the students who met daily demands of study and service under the code of ethics and practice developed by Florence Nightingale.

In her foreword, Patricia D’Antonio points out, “the School’s enduring commitment to excellence in research and education, to innovation [and] to collaborative partnerships” has made it program respected worldwide.

Nursing students’ leadership stands shoulder-to-shoulder with that of administrators and faculty members, anticipating a need and preparing for its fulfillment, including granting scholarships to allow for a diverse population poised to minister to people of diversity.


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