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Review: Evan Rogers' Solar Approach



4 stars

"Impressions of Israel," 24x36, by Evan Morrow Rogers.
  • "Impressions of Israel," 24x36, by Evan Morrow Rogers.

Evan Morrow Rogers embraces the history of modern art in his latest exhibit now on display at ARTBOX. His diptych "Lasting Peace" (oil on canvas) evokes Mark Rothko with its soft delineations between colors that range from shades of purple to scarlet. It's not only the color that engages the eye in this work, though. It's also the highly textured surface of the painting, like that of an alien planet, which draws you in with its hypnotic gravity. "Pop Surrealism" goes back to the early 20th century for inspiration, invoking Joan Miró with his boldly colored guitars painted against a black background. Rogers' work seems inspired by these artists, but not derivative of them. Perhaps his most inspired work here, though, are the paintings that reflect his recent travels in the Middle East. You see in Rogers' oil on linen "Flight to Egypt," the image of the sphinx against a flaming red skyline that drops off into a black sky. Through Jan. 30.

Note that there are also a handful of paintings in this exhibit by Jason Zickler. Zickler is showing paintings at Skyline Club throughout January, with a couple of pieces by Morrow, part of their "twin exhibit" approach.


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