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Review: Actors Theatre of Indiana's The 39 Steps


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Actors Theatre of Indiana's production of The 39 Steps, directed by Richard J. Roberts, is a lot of fun. It spoofs Alfred Hitchcock-style mysteries delightfully and lets us enjoy the top-notch physical comedy skills of four local professional actors.

Logan Moore plays Richard Hanney, a well-meaning English gentleman who goes out for an innocent night at the theatre only to become embroiled in a conspiracy involving secret agents, Nazi sympathizers, murder and more.

Lisa Ermel plays the three women that claim Hanney’s attention along the way: first, a seductive German woman that slinks in beside him at the theatre; second, a winsome Scottish lass stuck in the country with a boorish husband; and finally Pamela, darling Pamela.

Don Farrell and Ian McCabe play everyone else, from constables to innkeepers to lingerie salesmen to villains, and more.

The flow of quick changes in costumes, props, set pieces and personalities is seamless and a treat to watch. The many ways the four actors flip, carry, and climb over each other is impressive too.

The crisp, black-and-white overall aesthetic for the show includes old-fashioned transparency projection as part of Bernie Killian’s set. I wasn’t sure how well this element worked at first, but I grew to appreciate the subtle humor in it.


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