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Review: AJ Nafziger, 'Interpretations'


AJ Nafziger, "Lobster"
  • AJ Nafziger, "Lobster"

AJ Nafziger is an master's candidate in studio art at UIndy, but it's just as significant, perhaps, that he minored in psychology as an undergrad.

Nafziger's current work is a series of freeform meditations on Rorschach inkblot tests. Using carbon pencil and charcoal on white paper, Nafziger created forms that inhabit a world of precisely rendered - and completely imaginary - creatures and objects, often portrayed with perfect symmetry.

The drawing "Lobster" depicts a cross between a lobster, dragonfly and Hindu deity. It's perfectly symmetrical and flawless in execution; the process for achieving this level of symmetry involves tracing paper, a lot of technical precision and patience. But most importantly, I think, it took a bold imagination.

In "Lobster", like the others on display, Nafziger didn't set out to draw a lobster. He went where his imagination took him - something that might get you in trouble in a shrink's office. Through August 30 at Fletcher Place Arts & Books.


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