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Review: Angel Burlesque


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White Rabbit Cabaret. Looking to introduce subversive culture into mainstream Indianapolis nightlife, Butler grad Katie Angel's burlesque troupe opened last Friday night to a happily buzzing throng of baby boomers. Despite a distractingly shoddy set design, the show was saved by the performers' dedication to kitsch. Showcased acts included everything from a classic fan dance to an improbably seductive clarinet number. Though several of the dancers were performing for the first time, they made up for any inexperience with earnest charm, a bold celebration of real bodies and some seriously inspired stage names. Desda "Mae Q" Moana is a personal favorite. Future showings of the variety hour might benefit from a younger crowd and a different MC; the current male host holds a disquieting resemblance to a pervy middle school principal. To his credit, though, the surrounding middle-aged audience seemed to find his leery eyebrow waggling endearing. A low-budget good time, this little-show-that-could delivered on its promise of "heaven with lots of boobies." Friday and Saturday, Sept. 24-25;


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