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Review: Animal Collective at the Egyptian Room

They never stay the same...


Animal Collective at the Egyptian Room - TED SOMERVILLE
  • Ted Somerville
  • Animal Collective at the Egyptian Room

Some music can only be fully embraced when the stars align. And by that I mean in certain seasons. 

You know what I am talking about; maybe it's The Doors during the summer, Lily & Madeleine during the spring, or Erykah Badu in the winter. Some music just fits better in one lunar cycle than another. And Animal Collective's show at The Egyptian Room was a perfect cue up for fall and shows that they too are ready for change. 

Though not a large attendance, the show drew in some loyal fans. There were people, like myself, who are devout listeners of Merriweather Post Pavilion all the way up to recent fans of their newer EPs. 

The group has always been very vocal about their music not being stagnant, but the show made it apparent that they are just as comfortable in their new endeavors as older albums. Some bits of harmonics (what I consider their distinct sound) have stood the test of time. Although no two albums sound the same, the group has been able to create a recognizable brand. Considering that a lot of their percussion is done with organic material like hitting chairs on the floor, the translation to a live show was fairly seamless and reinforced what you might hear in a track.  

The only qualm I had with this show is well known in Indy—The Egyptian Room has terrible acoustics. For any musician with a synthesizer that's bad news. Parts of the music were overtaken by echoes while sound techs scrambled to bring up microphones so the vocals could be heard. 

The Animal Collective trio is definitely growing as artists. Here's to hoping they never stray too far from their electronic tribal folk wave. 


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