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Review: Apartment Art at Indy Indie Artist Colony


Through April 24. Suppose you've just graduated art school. Free studio space and encouraging teachers have given way to a soul-sucking day job and a tiny apartment. How will you keep hope alive? Maybe by following the lead of the sixteen young female artists featured in a new show at Indy Indie.

Herron grad Katie Strantz's mixed media sculpture/collage "Up and Out," depicts tree houses enclosed by dense woods and overtopped by a balloon. Mixed media paintings by the Greenwood-based Brittany Marie Ferguson, who works a day job as a screen printer for a medical supply company, explore the tension between wanting to be dominated sexually and the desire for empowerment. "Pain in the Ass" depicts a nude female figure with a deer skull for a head, a bunch of arrows embedded in her buttocks and at least two tattoos — one of a holstered gun, another of the words "Dirty Girl." She seeks empowerment but ultimately she's prey.

The exhibition's curators, Alyssa Arney and Natalie Mik, hail from Orange County, California. But there is a local connection. Alyssa Arney received her BFA from Herron in 2011 and was aware of Indy Indie's reputation as a haven for emerging artists. This exhibition puts this space — a ground floor gallery in an apartment building — to excellent use.


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