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Review: Art School Rejects at Indy Indie


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Rebecca Cisneros, 'Andrew'
  • Rebecca Cisneros, 'Andrew'

Indy Indie Artist Colony: through Jan. 27

These pieces didn’t make the 2011 Herron Undergraduate Show cut, and some were of such quality that they made me wonder at the mindsets of the judges doing the cutting. Rebecca Cisneros’ oil on canvas paper “Andrew”— a portrait of a twenty-something Herron model— outclassed most of the portraiture on display in the Herron show. Cisneros’s composition was painterly yet fluid; the subject of the portrait seemed to send off electric sparks on the dual-colored background.

Rachel Linnemeier’s acrylic on canvas “What do you Sphinx” - funnier than Cisernos's piece, if less expressive - portrayed two diminutive Sphinx cats with dead-on realism against a black background.

Another standout, a collage/print by Jennifer Padgett entitled “108 Mist Monster,” masterfully combined a number of printmaking techniques. The composition, a mountainous landscape dwarfing several humanoid subjects in the foreground, looked like it might have been a page ripped out of an antique edition of Herodotus’ Histories. Kudos to Padgett for helping keep alive an antique (but not necessarily antiquated) way of making art!

All this great stuff on display made me wonder: Will some gallery owner now step up and host a Rejected from Art School Rejects show?


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