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Review: Basic Elements at ARTBOX


3 stars

Jewelry will always be jewelry to me, not "wearable art" as some jewelry designers like to describe it. This may be a prejudice I need to get over but I can't help but wonder if it isn't just a little pretentious putting jewelry and painting together in an art gallery show. Having said that, Sally Mills' jewelry has a certain draw in the rough-hewn quality of the stones she uses. Her earth-friendly, hand-crafted technique, including her bone-mold technique of casting, is also a plus.

Certainly her work fits the title of this show better than Bruce Moore's watercolor on yupo (i.e. polypropylene) paintings. While not all of his work rises above the level of the decorative for me, certain paintings like "The Narcissist" leap off the wall. Both the use of color and collage in this painting give the piece a multidimensional, multi-layered quality with intricate patterns throughout that engage both the brain and the eye. There's nothing basic about it. Come to think of it, there's nothing really basic about narcissists either.

Through Dec. 31, ARTBOX, 955-2450,


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