Review: Ben Affleck is "The Accountant"

Ben Affleck in a Bourne style movie


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Okay, so Ben Affleck looked at his pal Matt Damon's Jason Bourne action movie franchise and said, “Hey, I want one of those!” Or maybe he caught a minute of his old Daredevil movie while flipping channels and said, “Maybe it would work if we skipped the shiny red costume ...”

I dunno. What we end up dealing with is a plainclothes autistic anti-superhero. And it's mostly fun, except for all the times when the characters stop the movie and explain the story to us.

The setup: After learning that one of his sons is autistic, a military father decides that, rather than have the boy be victimized or isolated, he will subject both brothers to intense training with a number of colorful teachers to make them masters of their own lives.

Years later, an autistic martial arts accountant (Affleck) is the target of a Treasury agent (J.K. Simmons) and his financial analyst (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) for his knowledge of laundered money. That's not all: the accountant has uncovered fraud at a robotics company and a hit man (Jon Bernthal) is after him and his assistant (Anna Kendrick).

It's fun watching Affleck Bourne it up. The storyline lost me a couple of times, but that may have been more because of my mindset than their writing. I can tell you this: there is a bit of business about someone's identity that is so obvious that after the film I asked a friend if it was supposed to be a surprise. He assured me it was, but I'm betting you can figure out what I'm referring to just by reading the plot synopsis above.

Regardless, The Accountant is entertaining junk. I didn't even mind the jabbering, because I liked the cast so much that listening to them explain everything was more amusing than irritating.

And y'know, if this thing makes enough money to become a franchise, I'm looking forward to the day when I see the first trailer for Bourne v. Accountant. Hooray for Hollywood!


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