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Review: 'Bent Objects'


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Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center Gallery, University of Indianapolis. A flake of cereal, figure-like with wire arms and legs, is prone dead in a puddle of milk as a couple of humanesque flakes look on while a large spoon with milk looms nearby in Terry Border's digital print, "Lactose Intolerant" (2011).

Border's zany compositions are made with everyday objects: marshmallows, cheese curls, ice cubes, playing cards, toy soldiers, plastic fruits and more. Embellishments with lines of wire turn these inanimate things into characters of laugh-out-loud scenarios.

"I'm just filling out what my imagination already sees," wrote Border about his artful transformations in the introduction to his book, Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things (2009). This exhibition is based on the book and designed and installed by Gallery Coordinator Christine Bentley's students.

I expected a display of Border's sculptures, and there are six on view. "Bird in a Tree" is a tightly crafted standout that shows Border's wire-working skills. The three-legged, abstractly rotund bird perched on wood has multiple kinetic parts tipped with feathers.

But sixteen photographs make up most of this exhibition. Indianapolis-based Border does have a background in fine art- and commercial photography. The digital prints amplified the anthropomorphic qualities of Border's art through controlled scale, lighting and viewpoint. The sculptures successfully become actors and props.

You can see samples of Border's work:

Through Feb. 11; 317-788-3253;,

Work by Terry Border.
  • Work by Terry Border.


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