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Review: Best of Dance Kaleidoscope at Butler



Dance Kaleidoscope opened Butler's Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts on a cold, rainy April 18 with a heartwarming program to showcase the suitability of the new facility for dance.

Sitting in the balcony, the recorded music came across well despite a heavy balance toward the bass line. Some audience members seated on the main floor were less complimentary about the sound, claiming it was "muddy," an effect of the tipping toward the base. Something easily fixed for future programs.

Lighting, as experienced from the balcony had the added effect of reflecting the movement on the floor, particularly lovely in the waltz section of the Piaf offering. There was a feel of elegant water swirl to make one smile.

Billed as excerpts from recent premieres and a work in progress, The Best of DK started with Cynthia Pratt's choreography for "Frank & Friends," followed by David Hochoy's choreography for "Frank's Way" "Frere Jacques," "Les Noces" and "PIAF: A Celebration."

DK's selections seemed to follow an arc corresponding to an individual's growth process (which may include a stop in a college or university environment): from carefreeness and self-centeredness, to loss and awareness of the world beyond, to finding one's place in the milieu. Those selections were in keeping with the ArtsFest's theme of "revolution." The week-plus-long event was designed to challenge our artistic imagination as well as entertain, according to Ronald Caltabiano, Dean of Butler's Jordan College of the Arts, who gave opening remarks Thursday night.


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