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Review: Bobdirex's Spamalot at Athenaeum



Broadway, eat your heart out; bobdirex has you beat, hands, feet and er, pants down. So listen up Indiana, forget about the cost of gas, the bother of parking, what the neighbors will say and seat your self at a comfy table in the Athenaeum Theatre, sit back, relax and laugh yourself smart.

There's a lot of wisdom in the shenanigans of Monty Python's SPAMALOT and this amazing cast and crew not only know how to catch a fish, revive the dead and walk on water, they can sing up a storm, dance down doubts and win a battle without so much as a horse shoe lost. Everyone, everything is meticulously on mark in this ever-changing send-up of King Arthur's quest that's sure to send you home humming "Always Look on the bright side of life."

We could name lots of names, spout lots of adjectives and adverbs to further convince but truthfully, one word suffices: superb. Take it and go July 20-23 and/or 28-29. More at:

PS Read the program cover to cover, bring it home and any time you're experiencing down in the dogs days, re-read; it's guaranteed to get you wiggly and loved. PPS: If SPAM® is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods LLC how did it get on my computer header as an email sorting option?


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