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Review: Bulletwolf 'As Fast as My Home Town'



Bulletwolf engages in some loud, unfettered guitar worship on their second album, As Fast as My Home Town. It's not like their debut, Double Shots of Rock and Roll, scrimped on the guitar action, but this time around they take the axe showcase to a whole 'nother level. In fact, Bulletwolf and producer Bob Fouts seem to push the guitar faders to the point of overwhelming everything else.

Strangely, this approach works, resulting in a central Indiana stoner masterwork that's as slow as it is sludgy (check the cover of The Melvin's "Honey Bucket"), and as loud as it is fast ("Cabernet Jay"). It's an album that's equally at home with a ham-fisted homage to the Neanderthal-starring film Quest For Fire and a track about Indiana's Sunday liquor laws, "In Your Face".

Three songs take this album into classic territory: "(Way Too Young to) Party Serious," a definitive Hoosier stoner party anthem; "Right On (Party On)," which features lyrics by George The Painter, a popular columnist for The Horse, a magazine devote to Harley riders; and the wicked closer, "Truck Stop Awesome," a super-charged celebration of all the things you might find in a Pilot travel plaza at 3 in the morning. Never has a song about Wolf T-shirts and dream-catcher vests rocked so hard or rung so true.


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