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Review: Cape Of Bats at the Piss Haus


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Cape Of Bats, Brooklyn Vampire, Boddicker, Kawakami 2012
Piss Haus
Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer is a fun time and while the past few weeks in Indianapolis has been scorching in the heat, more and more worthwhile house shows and parties are popping up during the cooler nights. One such show at The Piss Haus in the SoBro area of town welcomed a night of black metal punk acts. When I arrived at the location, the basement venue was completely dark with Jack-o'-lanterns surrounding a drum kit and a vinyl record spinning and providing a spooky Halloween atmosphere.

The first act, Brooklyn Vampire, kicked off the early evening in complete darkness with their brand of ferocious horror punk. This three-piece combo sonically bulldozed through their set with shrieked lyrical themes of zombies and classic horror monsters. Lead singer/bassist, Nick Cassette, enlisted scene friends, Fransico Valdez and Krystal Keener from Bleach Drinker, on guitar and drums, to perform with him on this one-off gig.

The second band, Kawakami 2012, hung up a large band banner on the wall behind the drum kit and lead singer, Micah Jenkins, announced that it was their first and last show before kicking into a short set of grind punk songs, which half of them were written the night before. The three piece's music was loud, chaotic, and awful with a drummer and guitarist sporting a red B.C. Rich electric guitar.

The main attraction and touring band of the evening, Cape Of Bats, brought their brand of inspirational black metal punk. This four-piece from Pennsylvania kicked off their set in the dark with "To Transylvania" from their 2011 Transylvania EP. Lead singer, Francis Kano, shrieked wildly into the microphone as though he was summoning crust punk ghosts from the netherworld. The petite and innocent looking drummer, Cassidy McGinley, produced fast and furious beats that would make the devil himself raise his eyebrows. They closed their set with a cover of 'Demonomania" by The Misfits.

The last band of the night, Boddicker, closed the evening with fast and brutal death hardcore. This four-piece grinded and growled their way through a short set of songs with band members provoking the small group of attendees by shoving anyone in their path. The audience responded by shoving them back into their corner and politely applauded after each song performance in approval.


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