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Review: Caramel Apple Festival


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Caramel Apple Festival, Tuttle Orchards, Sept. 10
4 stars

Autumn! Best time of year if you ask me. Boiling hot days receding into the background, not yet freezing cold, fresh fruit in the air, Halloween just around the corner and the kickoff to the holiday season. Brings out the youth in all of us.


And the Caramel Apple Festival at Greenfield's Tuttle Orchards on Saturday was the ideal way to start it all off. All the best parts of being young at Halloween time, with the added bonus of coming a few weeks early. Tuttle Orchards strikes me as a place best visited with the young in tow. (I mean, really, who else looks at a caramel apple that's Nerds on one side and Oreo cookie on the other and thinks that's a good idea? Eight-year olds, that's who. And, erm, possibly me.) It was a fine opener to the Halloween season, with the promise of cider and pumpkins on weekends to come.

First off, the build-your-own caramel apple bar. I wasn't kidding about the candy Nerds. Or sprinkles. Or Heath bar. Really, if it's sweet and you can stick it to an apple, it's probably there. Alas, it was only a one-day thing, but everything else will be around the rest of the season, like the chance to pick your own bucket of apples at 85 cents a pound, which combines family fun, fresh fruits and a price that is, quite frankly, half of what you'd pay at any local supermarket.

For maximum autumn fun, thought, the extensive children's play area comes approved by both my four-year-old and me. I loved their nicely constructed kid-sized hay-bale maze and corn-husk tunnels, and their corn maze is big but not so much so that you'll lose family members. Great fun indeed.



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