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Review: Casey Roberts: 'some spoiled, some unspoiled'


"won't be long now asshole" by Casey Roberts
  • "won't be long now asshole" by Casey Roberts

Mt. Comfort (a space for champions); through Nov. 26.

In his new group of work, some spoiled, some unspoiled, Casey Roberts describes his intentions in the didactic text by stating "nature has been exploring alternative forms of self-defense. Harnessing pyramid power and resorting to some form of playful, naive occult to rid itself of humanity's abuse, ultimately achieving total freedom..." Roberts makes more use of text in the new work than he traditionally has, to varying returns -- the phrase "totally free now" hashes out the theme of the show, but feels a bit boring and toothless in comparison to the snarky, attention-grabbing nature of the other phrase he uses, "it won't be long now, asshole."

Pyramids appears throughout many works in this show to symbolize nature's resistance to human abuse, and it serves as a nice focal point amongst the cyanotype skies and trees.

The idea of nature reclaiming itself from our abuse through strange, dark means is certainly quirky and interesting.

Roberts has once again produced a cohesive, pleasing body of work with a distinctive visual language and a unique sense of wit. Nature/the outdoors are a recurring theme and setting in his art, which he employs quite effectively, but it will be interesting to see the results if he ever decides to get out of the woods.


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