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Review: Cats



4 stars

Broadway Across America, Clowes Memorial Hall, Nov. 26-28. With an eighteen-year run on Broadway, Cats is one of those shows that nearly everyone does or should see in their lifetime. Based on T.S. Elliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, the play's longevity is undoubtedly due to its modernist source material. Coupled with a score from legendary EGOT winner Andrew Lloyd Webber, a world of pure imagination is born. Choreographic storytelling allows audiences to delight in Elliot's interpretations of the ever-curious feline world. Though believable physicality allows us to fully enter into the fantasy of a Jellicle Ball, it is the clearly defined hierarchies and etiquette between cat-like performers that makes this story so timeless. With both short-story songs that relate to all ages and an over-arching allegorical examination of humanity and the possibility for rebirth, Cats is, simply put, a classic. 1-800-982-2787,


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