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Review: Child Bite's 'Monomania'



Child Bite


Joyful Noise

The singularly loud vision of Child Bite's latest can't be contained by the 10 inches of vinyl that houses its angular mess. Its frenzied rock and roll, brimming with the same medical mania from which Monomania borrows its title.

But do not fear the acid-laced helter skelter; Child Bite exists to keep you warm in your cold, lonely place. Monomania breaks free from the straightjacket from the moment "Warm Flesh" kicks down your padded door with heavy riffs; maniacal laughter punctuating the Megadeath marching lick. This is a fist of freedom beating down the physical obstacles that stand in the way of rock and roll immortality.

"Smear Where the Face Was" recalls the frenetic pace of At The Drive-In; careful phrasing replaced with a barrage of blistering drum fills to defeat the metaphysical enemies. Shawn Knight channels the skeptical monotone of Gibby Haynes, a calming voice in the midst of wartime chaos. "Vapor in the Orphan Loop" is the soundtrack to the getaway. We have shed our shackles and now we must run unencumbered to the light, the sliver growing closer with each hectic step.

Monomania has much to offer in 22 nonstop minutes. It's a mind-altering substance all its own, and by the death rattle of "Scum Gene," one wonders whether the LSD dream was induced or if we were watching our conscious breaking free from musical tyranny with much needed aid from reigning champions Child Bite. No matter. Let's flip it back to the A-side and do it all over again.


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