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Review: Children's Museum's Wicked Workshop


A spooky wall of masks, part of the intricate decor at the Wicked Workshop. - KRISTEN PUGH
  • Kristen Pugh
  • A spooky wall of masks, part of the intricate decor at the Wicked Workshop.

Two weeks before Halloween, I joined little Harry Potters and Cinderellas, already in trick-or-treat mode and ready to be spooked, to traipse through the Children's Museum's Guild Wicked Workshop, which proved just as intriguing as some big-kid houses, but quite a bit less bloody. As you worked your way through the house, you entered different rooms of the witches workshops: Frankenstein's lair, the skeleton assembly room, and the black cats haunting, to name a few. The fanciful decor of each room perfectly fits the theme with fun treats for the eyes to keep patrons amused. Its just spooky enough to command a scream when a hidden ghoul in a black robe jumps out to scare.

During the day the museum keeps the lights making the attraction friendly for younger children. I almost wondered if the more well-lit tour would be even more fun, as I could have taken more time to fully explore each of the rooms, rather than rush to find my way in the dark maze like atmosphere. It doesn't take long to go through the haunted house, but the staff warned that on weekends the lines are long.

At $7 (for non-members), it's an inexpensive haunted house, but it doesn't include admission to the Children's Museum. To really make it worth the trip, parents can expect to shell out extra to take their children to see the other ongoing exhibits at the museum.


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