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Review: Class Actress at Radio Radio


'Rapprocher' by Class Actress
  • 'Rapprocher' by Class Actress

Class Actress, Penguin Prison
Radio Radio
Monday, June 4

Monday night shows can be brutal for any touring musical act or music fan. A band always faces the prospect of a diminished audience on a weeknight while the casual concert goer has to decide if the show is worth being sleepy or hungover the next day at work. On this Monday night, Class Actress and Penguin Prison managed to bring out an intimate crowd of curious attendees and a smattering of music fanatics.

The four-piece opener, Penguin Prison, hit the stage with equipped with a Ludwig drum kit, Fender P-Bass, and Roland/Nord Electro 3 keyboards stacked on top of each other. Lead singer Chris Glover, wearing a vintage black leather jacket and sagging skinny jeans, started the set by saying, "We're a dance band from New York," before launching into their brand of funky electro dance pop similar to contemporary indie dance groups such as The Rapture, Holy Ghost and Mike Snow. Glover would wander from the stage and weave into the sparse groupings of a listless audience during a couple of songs, and at one point walked off too far from the stage to play a solo on his white Fender Stratocaster only to have his guitar cable become unplugged. The highlights of Penguin Prison's set included the performance of their video hit, "Don't Fuck With My Money" and a live remix cover of Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans".

By the time Class Actress started their set, the apprehensive audience had warmed up and filled the front of the Radio Radio stage area. On stage were two lonely unrecognizable vintage keyboards on stands. Lead singer Elizabeth Harper wore a black overcoat that she unpeeled after performing their first song, "All The Saints" off their album, Rapprocher (pronounced rap-ro-shay). Harper's other bandmate, wearing a jean jacket vest and ball cap, traded between playing keyboards, a Fender P-bass and a Fender Stratocaster guitar. The sonically thick, sultry, retro-80s synth pop sounds coming out of the Radio Radio P.A. system translated amazingly well in a live setting.

As Harper revealed her black leggings underneath a long sleeveless white shirt and black bra, she seductively sang through several songs from Rapprocher including, "Keep You," "Prove Me Wrong," "Love Me Like You Used To," "Beinvenue," and their popular Sirius XMU hit, "Weekend."

At the end of their set, Harper took her keyboard and danced into the crowd in front of the stage while playing it over her head. It was at this point in the evening that I believe everyone in attendance was so entranced in the performance that they possibly forgot that it was a Monday night.


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