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Review: 'Confessions of a Highway Flirt'


Chelsea Anderson as Ally, the "highway flirt"
  • Chelsea Anderson as Ally, the "highway flirt"

Acting Up Productions, Nov. 17-20

University of Indianapolis alum Chelsea Anderson wrote, directed and starred in this original one-act play that explores the sexual misdeeds of a twenty-something woman. Anderson proves to be a powerhouse of talent in this charming production driven almost entirely by her own sensibilities and impulses.

Matt Goodrich and Pete Lindblom gave quirky and endearing performances as the many men who have jumped in and out of her bed. The entire cast directly addressed the audience in a convincing way throughout, creating a conversational atmosphere between players and audience alike.

However, the vapid subject matter and lack of growth in the main character from beginning to end left me questioning the relevance of this piece. Despite the main character's lack of evolution, Anderson's authentic onstage presence kept me engaged throughout.


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