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Review: Cosmic Gate at Talbott Street



*(See the Slideshow at the bottom of the post for images from Thursday night)

The entire lot dedicated to Talbott Street’s patrons offered no vacancies as I attempted to park my car shortly after midnight. Inside, few people lingered near the bar as the majority of the club was raging full force on the lower level dance floor. “This is trance. It’s all about the melody,” my friend explained as we joined the comfortably packed mob of dancing fanatics. He looked sternly at me, a self-proclaimed dubstep addict, and reinforced, “It’s not just all about the bass.”

Cosmic Gate’s music had the ability to mentally transport recipients to another place through the power of collective energy. It is anthematic in nature; strong, penetrating beats twirl around synth patterns that make aerobic activity sound like a fun idea. Dancing becomes second nature and requires no thought, to the point where it’s nearly addictive. Everyone was moving, and they were moving fast. “Stand still for just a few minutes!” a random guy yelled at my friend as he scooted by, to which she continued bopping and screamed back, “I just can’t!”

The intertwining of intense beats and ultra-brisk melody created a musical space that was easy to get lost in, conforming to the appropriate label of “trance”. Paired with flashing lights and an overwhelming sense of oneness radiating across the dance floor, it felt as though we were somewhere other than little ole’ Indianapolis on a Thursday night- an exotic location, perhaps, where world famous DJ’s perform at swanky nightclub raves until the morning sun comes up.

This was a gathering of true dance fans. All agendas were void of motives such as finding hookups and getting hammered at the club. Instead, it was a brief but deeply cherished getaway for trance and techno aficionados. For a few precious hours, inhibitions were checked at the door and attendees let loose on the dance floor en masse. A lot of diehard fans showed up at Talbott Street to hear brand-new remixes of Cosmic Gate classics they know and love. Others came to get a taste of something new and exciting or to experience a different type of lve music experience. Whatever the reason, it is undeniable that Cosmic Gate’s audience on Thursday night was a happy one. It was an exhausting night of dancing madness that surpassed what I expected to find by a landslide; a truly delightful and fulfilling surprise.

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