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Review: Dance Kaleidoscope's Piaf Plus


Zach Young and Jillian Godwin in Dance Kaleidoscope's 'Piaf Plus'
  • Zach Young and Jillian Godwin in Dance Kaleidoscope's 'Piaf Plus'
Interweaving pizzazz with introspection, Dance Kaleidoscope dancers zip through 22 songs by two of France's greatest songwriters and performers - ten by Jacques Brel and 12 by Edith Piaf - presenting each as a mini-drama.

The standout during opening night was Piaf's "Mon Dieu" [My God], a plea for more time with a dying lover. Jillian Godwin and Zach Young bring pathos and hopefulness to the song, zooming in from the universal to the personal.

It's great fun watching the growth of the four returning for their second season and the leadership exercised by the company's seven veterans. George Salinas, who left DK last year, had become so linked to the role of Brel's high-jumping, in-your-face "Jackie," but Zach Young makes the character his own, bringing different insights and a different quality of bravado.

With nuanced changes from previous performances, the double bill throughout emphasizes intricate footwork and powerful emotional connection.


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