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Review: Diarrhea Planet at Hoosier Dome


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Diarrhea Planet have become regulars at Fountain Square's Hoosier Dome, and for damn good reason - Stephen Zumbrun and his Piradical Productions crew have fostered a space where rock and roll expression can be as free and as wild as it needs.

Snow had unfortunately begun to creep into town Thursday night. Luckily, the (rather familiar) rugged terrain did not deter many from flocking to the party on Prospect, where they were met by a balmy sauna of sweat.

After sets by The Creative (Sheridan, Ind.) and Brother O' Brother (good ol' Naptown), Winslow jumped into their set of irresistible slack rock. West Lafayette's Jurassic Pop Records released the Carmel group's impressive self-titled debut, which they created during their high school years. Putting their own suburban Midwest twist on the traditional Guided by Voices-esque slack rock sound, Winslow's spirit is perfectly portrayed by their song titled, "Carmel Bitchez."

Shenanigans had already begun to surface during the Carmel band's set, as various forms of pushing and dancing commenced. As is usually the case at Hoosier Dome shows that I attend, one wave of crowd surfing leads to another, with kids eventually finding a way to grab a hold of the ceiling and suspend upside down like bats. The frequency of these maneuvers only increased as the young crowd's Nashville heroes took the stage.

Infinity Cat Recordings' Diarrhea Planet has been widely recognized for their raucous live shows, and there is absolutely no better venue to witness this at then the Hoosier Dome (unless you want to trek to their hometown of Nashville, of course). In fact, talking with the band's drummer, Casey Weissbuch after the show, other cities such as Brooklyn took a few visits by the wailing six-piece before they started letting loose in that Hoosier Dome kind of way.

Read more about the band's ties to the city of Indianapolis in a profile piece from 2013.

After playing the lead single from their most recent release, 2013's I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, lead singer Jordan Smith announced that the rest of the band's set would be all-request. An incredibly ballsy move, this decision added another wild and wacky dimension to the group's live set, as Smith sifted through the collective screams and chants from the crowd, then relaying the band's next tune to the rest of the guys on stage.

While one might assume this song-by-song approach would have taken away from DP's live set, I'm here to tell you it didn't in the slightest. The group wailed through tunes new and old, including several from their often overlooked 2011 release, Loose Jewels. After ripping through a career-spanning set, the group closed out the night with "Lite Dream," the opening rager from their 2013 release - per fan request of course.


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