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Review: Dino DNA, All Male Garage Rock



Dino DNA
All Male Garage Rock
Jurassic Pop Records

This band is just fun. Every second of this tape takes me back to days spent skipping class in high school, skateboarding with five of my best friends. These are goofy, enormous sounding skate-rock songs that a trio of less gnarly dudes could never pull off. Jeff Mather, Dan Varnau and Steve Schuster pump these garage-punk jams out of West Lafayette, Indiana, with precision and persistence. They continue to experiment within their own sub-genre, combining garage-rock with hardcore punk aesthetics, and surf-pop with skate-rock. As with their previous self-titled release, the band continues to sing about skating, girls, and beer, simplifying the frustrations of life into tangible aspects of adolescence. From the pedal-to-the-metal raw drive of "Castroneves" to the delicate, reverb-twinged adoration of "Cannonball," Dino DNA are the beer-for-breakfast garage band that will party with you through the harsh cold this winter. The All Male Garage Rock EP is released on cassette through Jurassic Pop, the same label that released their debut album on recycled vinyl.

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