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Review: DK's 'The Four Elements'


Kenoth Shane Patton whirls about. - CROWE'S EYE PHOTOGRAPHY

3.5 stars
Dance Kaleidoscope, IRT Mainstage, Oct. 6-9

Slimmed, trimmed and still dynamic, David Hochoy's revisited The Four Elements (which premiered in 2005) this time opened with "Earth" set to Frank Felice's dynamic "Earthworks."

Kenoth Shane Patton's powerful creator-figure both orders and shapes the never-stopping company of dancers resembling drones whose urgent purpose is to build, tear down, rebuild. Technology is at the core with sounds of machinery driving action faster and faster.

"Water" delivers a soothing counter-balance to music by Chopin played live by pianist Spencer Myer. Clad in iridescent and fringe-swaying shades of blue, the company flowingly engages in designs and relationships with Liberty Harris as a maternal/benevolent figure - a fine contrast to the strident Poseidon whose tantrums turn the waters into a feared element.

"Air," to Satie's "Gymnopedies-Nos 2 and 3," takes flight through spatial configurations, making floating pictures that curve and bend.

Jillian Godwin ignites "Fire" to Tito Puente's "Ran Kan Kan" as the company keeps pace to the driving Latin rhythms.

This opening program of DK's 40th season introduces Aleksa Lukasiewicz as the newest intern to join the company of always-vibrant dancers.


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