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Review: Dos Fallopia at Phoenix Theatre


Peggy Platt (left) and Lisa Koch are Dos Fallopia.
  • Peggy Platt (left) and Lisa Koch are Dos Fallopia.

Phoenix Theater staple Dos Fallopia - a sort of Saturday Night Live for the Centrum Silver set - returns to Indy this month after a four year absence. Lisa Koch demonstrates superb musical ability lampooning Fleetwood Mac at a Lilith Fair style festival. Her hambone stage partner Peggy Platt goes over the top as the drugged out "Nicky Steves."

The sketch comedy includes substantial LGBTQ friendly humor that's hilarious at times - particularly when the female duo cross-dresses in order to dissect a small-town gay men's chorus.

The first act clips along in the face of long scene changes. The addition of retro video clips to these transitions, including a groovy Tom Jones music video, are a refreshing and often funny trip down memory lane.

However, the team's musical parodies become tired when lyrics are slurred and difficult to hear. And a too-long parody of a long-gone soap opera missed the mark due to a severe lack of editing.


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