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Review: Dr. Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine, The Ladybirds, Dirty Kluger


The Ladybirds - BRYAN MOORE

Dr. Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine, The Ladybirds, Dirty Kluger at
The Melody Inn
Thursday, May 17

The opener, Dr. Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine, was not a tribute to the '60s movie starring Vincent Price, Frankie Avalon and an army of bikini babes. Instead, this three piece local band hit the stage armed with impressive gear including a mid-'60s Hagstrom guitar played by lead singer Jake Petroff, and an Epiphone Thunderbird bass played by Benjamin Jones. Drummer Chris Duggan held down the beats on a orange-striped Yamaha Tour Custom Kit in between twirling his sticks. Their sound reminded me of Archers of Loaf and early Replacements, mixed in with slacker elements of Pavement. During their encore, the '60s Hagstrom guitar echoed through the club and its tone gloriously lingered after the last cymbal crash.

Up next, The Ladybirds from Louisville, Kentucky looked like a band influenced by late '60s rock groups. This five piece band took the stage with revved up '60s garage R&B and Americana that echoed influences from Jerry Lee Lewis to the Shangri-La's with garage psych guitar leads. The charismatic lead singer, Sarah Teeple charmed the entire club with her in between song banter before belting out vocals that were equal parts Mary Weiss, Shirley Ellis and Loretta Lynn. It was discovered during their set that the guitarist was in a promo poster that was behind the band as a backdrop which led to inspired tremolo '60s guitar leads and backing vocals from the bass player and organ player.

The final act of the evening was a very young band from Bloomington called Dirty Kluger. This four-piece showcased a lot of musician chops with dueling Fender and Gibson guitars backed with a five-string bass player and a progressive drummer. Their songs were very lengthy and often crossed the lines between reggae and jam band sounds. The lead singer wowed the remaining crowd with his lead guitar shredding abilities and imagine that the band would be well received by the built-in crowd at The Mousetrap if they are looking for other venues to expand their sound.


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