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Review: 'Dracula' at IRT


Dieterich Gray stars as Dracula’s chief sycophant, Renfield. - JULIE CURRY
  • Julie Curry
  • Dieterich Gray stars as Dracula‚Äôs chief sycophant, Renfield.
3.5 stars

Indiana Repertory Theatre; directed by Peter Amster; through Oct. 1.

These days, we can't get enough vampire action, so this play will please many, even and especially the younger audiences IRT hopes to titillate into the theater. All that repressed sexuality! All the heaving and hemming and hawing, the swelling of bosoms and whatnot!

The non-vampire men in the play are appropriately earnest, even stiff. The women are fetching, beautiful fonts of nourishment for the insatiable Count. Yet it's interesting how little stage-time the dark center of this play occupies.

Wade McCollum as Dracula is effective, and he sports quite the six-pack late in the play, presumably a six-pack filled with blood. It's Dieterich Gray as Dracula's chief sycophant Renfield who elicits the production's biggest laughs. At times it appears he's channeling Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice character; at other times, the aching sense of loss and longing is almost too much to bear. Aren't bad guys in literature and plays always the most fun?

Don't forget to BYOG (Bring Your Own Garlic).


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