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Review: Dre Day Day at the Jazz Kitchen


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Saturday night at the Jazz Kitchen was "nuthin' but a g thang", in the famous words of one of hip-hop's most influential voices, Dr. Dre. This evening was a celebration of all things Andre Young, the Doctor's civilian name, and it didn't skimp on many details. Armed with solid lineup of some of Indy's finest DJs, the rhythms of g-funk played on through the night.

DJ Metrognome and Mr. Kinetik were responsible for keeping the Dre-esque beats flowing that evening. In my mind, they paid a most respectful homage. The tunes of the g-funk era Dr. Dre, like his N.W.A. and The Chronic material, sounded as groovy as they did during the late '80s and early '90s. The later cuts of Dre were dropped, as well, like the unmistakable 2001 track "Next Episode." Parliament Funkadelic and a slew of other funky performers were given some spins, because this genre was highly influential to Dr. Dre. Of course, Dre protégés and contemporaries like 2pac and Snoop Dogg were played, because who would they have been without his beats and musical prowess?

Aside from the musical banquet of the Doctor's songs, the party had several other aspects that made it Dre-tastic. Vibrant blue, orange and red bottles of Mad Dog liquor gleamed menacingly from behind the bar daring the partygoers to sample a "Mad Dog martini." The barkeep warned me against it saying, "It's the worst thing we have on the menu tonight. Don't do it". I did it anyways, and whew, I will never do it again. It sorta of tasted like Kamchatka mixed with a dash of blue Powerade. Anyway, 40's were on deck, and when wrapped in a brown paper bag, seemed to actually channel anyone's Compton style. There was also a Chronic album cover photobooth, where one could capture their Dre side.

2pac once rapped, "Heaven ain't hard to find," and I think the Dre Day party was a little slice of Indianapolis hip-hop nirvana. The fortitude and creativity symbolized by Dr. Dre's career was truly honored and celebrated last Saturday at the Jazz Kitchen.


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