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Review: Drop the Kids off: Multimedia prints and sculpture by Molly Brouwer



Three and a half stars

Wake Press & Gallery. If you visit the Wake Gallery's bathroom during this show, you'll encounter Herron student Molly Brouwer's "Poop Print" (etching and drawing on paper, wood), that puts forth a schematic of the human bowel system and a portrait of the waste product ultimately excreted from it. "Shit for Brains" (lithography on paper, wood) is another work that leaves little to the imagination. Whatever you think of Brouwer's scatological fixation, you cannot deny the technical precision of her drawing ability. Brouwer herself chalks up her poop fixation to immaturity, a stomach ailment she suffered from as a child, and relatives' bouts with colon cancer. But not all of her work is scatological: "Pubert," a stuffed fabric sculpture with abundant chest and pubic hair, looks like the pubescent love child of Beavis and Big Bird.Be sure while you're here to turn the wood handle of the wall-hanging "Arcadian Pursuit" (a collaboration with Klayton Huff). As you watch the three marionettes jiggle, you might think you've just entered a Victorian-era children's theatre. No shit. Through Nov. 22;


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