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Review: Duke Tumatoe, 'I Just Want To Be Rich'


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Duke Tumatoe
I Just Want to Be Rich
Electro Glide
3 stars

Dr. Duke Tumatoe has always combined cheeky humor with serious blues rooted in Chicago. His latest release, I Just Want to Be Rich carries on the tradition. "Bionic Tumatoe" sounds like a '50s B-movie title, but is filled with stompin' guitar. The album's title track, "What I Really Want to Do" and "One Good One Left" all have Tumatoe singing of basic human needs (money, freedom, getting the last word).

Tumatoe revisits "Long Legged Women and Blues Guitar" and offers an excellent, stripped-down version of "Barbecue," with a shout-out to the long-gone, but still-missed Zeb's at 38th Street and Keystone Avenue. Funny storytelling plus a solid blues band (including longtime keyboardist James Hill) should remind folks that Tumatoe does more than football songs on the radio.


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