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Review: End of the World at Indy Indie


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The Edge by Gabriel Lehman
  • The Edge by Gabriel Lehman

You may want to check out this show before Friday, when the world will evidently come to an end. Everything has already come to an end in Floyd Bailley III's "Writing on the Wall," a captivating digital image, printed on brushed aluminum, that shows a bunch of what might be random bits of human bones and trash in an alien archeologist's dig a million years in the future.

Among these mounds of trash, will the aliens find a VHS cassette containing episodes of Charlie's Angels, in which the late Farah Fawcett played a leading role? A painting by Cat Stevens (apparently not the famed singer) entitled "Farah Fawcett in Hell" looks more like a mutant creature that's been skewered and skinned in preparation for roasting than the platinum blonde icon.

Somewhat less disturbing are several beautiful acrylic on panel paintings by Gabriel Lehman. One untitled painting depicts a girl on a mountaintop yearningly reaching up towards the birds above in a strangely-lighted sky.


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