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Review: Excision at the Egyptian Room.


Wild crowd at Excision at the Egyptian Room. - DAVID A. CEROLA
  • David A. Cerola
  • Wild crowd at Excision at the Egyptian Room.

On Friday, the Excision audience was consumed in an orgy of flesh, drugs, smoke and sweat. The question ringing out from the pit in all directions: "Do you have any acid?"

Excision shook the very foundations of Egyptian Room along with opening DJs Vaski and Paper Diamond. Indy would be there first stop on their grand North American Tour. It was a sold-out show at the Egyptian Room and the general opinion of the mostly late teenage crowd was more positive when compared to the opening acts. Though this could simply be chalked up to youthful impatience, it was unfortunate that I missed the first opening act, but I did catch Paper Diamond, and I have to say he was a fantastic opener.

Glow paint-coated fans (and yours truly) danced, bounced and flew across the bass waves that blew out many'o ear drums last night. The set-up for Excision was outstandingly visual, with fog and lasers peppering the audience and finishing us off with a spray of cool air and a spastic robo-light show. But Excision's main show was a gargantuan 28-foot wide, 15-foot tall 3D video mapped screen nicknamed "The Executioner." 3D animations were broad cast via projectors and synched ever-so-perfectly with 100,000 watts of hypnotically violent sounds producing some of the most intense visual entertainment in this concerts goers' life.

The music itself was strong enough that your chest vibrated with intensity you could feel it reach all the way to your spine! Hell, I witnessed some gripping their chests with exhaustion and exiting stage left.

Excision dropped a brand new collab done with Ajapai for the show's grand finale. Overall, the show was fantastic and the crowd was outrageous. The only disappointment: the act came to an eventual end ... and my glasses got stomped. Perfect show, perfect night.


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