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Review: Fiona Apple at Murat Theatre


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Fiona Apple, Blake Mills
Murat Theatre at Old National Centre
Wednesday, July 11

It's hard for me to write about Fiona Apple. Her voice seems like it was created in another world, but is at the same time so grounded our in our world, in the human condition -- pain, desire, depression, love, etc. And I kind of hate myself for writing that silly little nothings about her music like that, because they're so overloaded with cliches and empty words. But I find myself, after ten years of writing and thousands upon thousands of words, unable to accurately provide the right ones.

So, instead, please see the pictures above and videos below. Apple delivered the most solid performance that I've seen, well, since I had a chance to see her at South By Southwest this March in Austin. Her voice is unparalled, her band members and arrangements impeccably chosen; her onstage persona can only be described at once heavy (at multiple points, she fell to the ground as if struck) and mercurial (frequently flitting from piano to drumset to front of the stage to the ground and back around again). To my, and the crowd's, delight, she played all of her most beloved tracks, including "Criminal," "Extraordinary Machine" and "Paper Bag."

I hope she'll be back soon. Perhaps, by that time, I'll be more prepared to give her music and glorious, glorious voice the words they deserve.

"Paper Bag" by Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple performs "On the Bound" at the Murat Theatre at Old National Centre


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