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Review: Four Clowns at IndyFringe



IndyFringe Theater; directed by Jeremy Aluma

3.5 stars

You never know if clowns are going to give you a balloon or kill somebody. Jeremy Aluma uses that in his favor in this sketch comedy conception of the stages of man. Developed through improvisation, Four Clowns looks at childhood, adolescence and adulthood through the childish squeaks, bawdy gyrations and intermittent violence of four performers wearing thick white make-up and red ball noses.

I didn't learn anything new about life (e.g., big brothers can be unrelenting bullies), but I was reminded that some performers can make simple concepts fascinating through practiced physical and vocal prowess and a truckload of commitment. Clowns Alexis Jones, Kevin Klein, Raymond Lee and Amir Levi and pianist Mario Granville beguiled me with humor tender and blue, scripted and improvised, for at least 60 of Four Clown's 90 minutes. I hope this LA troupe returns with their Four Clowns: Romeo and Juliet.


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