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Review: Full Rainbow at The Dojo


Full Rainbow at The Dojo. Photo by Sara Baldwin.
  • Full Rainbow at The Dojo. Photo by Sara Baldwin.

Braving freezing temperatures and deadly driving conditions, scores of local hardcore and punk enthusiasts converged on The Dojo Thursday night. Scheduled to share the bill with local stoner-punks Full Rainbow were fresh riff-rockers Step Dads, hipster sensations Vacation Club and awkward nerds Uncle Ankle.

The lineup expanded when local upstarts Still opened with a surprise set of their impressively oppressive sludge rock. Then came scheduled opener Uncle Ankle, from Northern Indiana, which offered a puzzling, dorky brand of saxophone-fronted rock and roll. Prizzy Prizzy Please they ain't. Luckily, they were followed by Vacation Club, a band which, like Full Rainbow, got its start in Kokomo before setting up shop in Indianapolis. Their sound hearkens back to classic '60s rock but with small, yet noticeable, doses of '90s angst and modern thrash.

Young bloods Step Dads stepped up next. Their melodic brand of hardcore punk was a fun addition to the already stacked evening. Vocalist Gnat Wolos, a recent addition to the band, is obviously still adjusting, but I'm hopeful that the new line-up will click together and become a powerhouse.

With time running out for the all-ages curfew, Full Rainbow set up quickly and played a short and sweet set. They opened with "Revolution Binge" from the new self-titled 7-inch. Most of their set consisted of new songs that the crowd was receptive to, yet unfamiliar with. Towards the end of the set, the band ripped into the signature intro for "It Always Takes A Lot" from their debut album. The crowd immediately launched into a heat-conducting mosh pit.

The concert ended up being showcase of the best rock and roll talent in town. The future looks bright for Still, Step Dads, Vacation Club and Full Rainbow, and even brighter for the Indianapolis music scene.


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