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Review: Fun., Now, Now


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'Some Nights,' Fun. - SUBMITTED PHOTO

Fun.,Now, Now
Old National Center
Wednesday, June 13

Now, Now took the stage at exactly 8 p.m. Yeah, they seem young, but they're getting it done; their lyrics are catchy and telling stories. There's already a refined quality about them. And there are unexpected moments that emphasize the acoustic talent of the band. They're smart: witty and clever. They're overly likable.

As Fun. took the stage, it became clear that the name of this band almost isn't fair. It's like a "Who's on First" situation. These guys are fun. (Period). Maybe the most fun Indianapolis has had in a while. And Indianapolis did show up: with more energy and enthusiasm for a band than I've ever seen. They opened with "One Foot" and played nearly everything from their 2012 album, Some Nights as well as from their first album, Aim and Ignite. Lead singer Nate Ruess was animated in a way that made you want to do anything: any one thing in your life with that much excitement. Ruess assured the crowd that it was one of the largest that they had ever been in front of; several times throughout the night he yelled out, "Thank you so much, Indiana." They were humble in a refreshing way. Ruess even attempted (and botched) a version of "Jack and Diane," (fitting), and ended it with, "Thank you, Coug." Nice. Later they did a much more refined (and beautiful) version of the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want." The audience was completely in love with these guys, helping out with "It Gets Better" loud enough to nearly knock Ruess over. In fact, he may have gotten a little choked up at the overwhelming demand for an encore, which came in the form of "Some Nights" and a 10-minute rendition of "Take Your Time." It sent everyone (a varied audience) away feeling young: like nothing much mattered but feeling good and dancing.


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