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Review: 'Goldie, Max and Milk'


3.5 Stars

Phoenix Theatre; directed by Bryan Fonseca; through Feb. 27. Adhering to its mission, the Phoenix produces yet another topical drama presenting audiences with timely issues. The ambitious script (by Karen Hartman) not only seeks to define motherhood, but takes on the ethics of same-sex partnerships, parental rights, religious doctrines and standing up for one's own happiness.

Airy moments of humor are peppered throughout, buoying up the multifaceted thematic conversation. The show clips along as various ideas and opinions create a beautifully layered dialogue about the overwhelming challenge of motherhood.

Interesting characters are brought to life by the intimate, five-person ensemble's honest performances. With issues of family at hand, each role contributes in a meaningful yet different way to the complexities of familial interdependence. As Max, Sara Reimen grabs the vested interest of patrons, who easily root for her to bloom as a new mom.


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