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Review: Gordon Bonham, "Soon in the Morning"



Gordon Bonham
Soon In the Morning
Way Gone
4 stars

File this under the It's About Bloody Time Department: A new album from Gordon Bonham.

As a guitarist and singer, Bonham doesn't have to grab you by the throat to get his musical point across. He's also backed up by some of Indy's finest: David Murray on bass, Jeff Chapin on drums, Kevin Anker (a wonderful addition) on keyboards and Tom Harold on harmonica. The one flaw of the album is that there's not enough Harold, but the addition of Anker's piano/organ work adds something more to Bonham's repertoire.

Tunes like "Outta Sight," "Soon in the Morning," Used to be Lovers" are single-malt, smooth blues tunes. "Looking For My Baby," the fun instrumental "Carmel Woman," "Get Back, Jezebel" and the foot stompin' tribute to Yank Rachell called "The Mule Song" are album highlights. "Don't Let The Man Get Your Money" offers words to live by for musicians.

Gordon Bonham is one of the top musicians in any musical genre in Indiana. Soon In the Morning was well worth the wait.


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