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Review: Hollywood Undead, Escape the Fate at Deluxe


Escape the Fate - SUBMITTED
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  • Escape the Fate

All Hail the Yeti didn't really get the appreciation they deserved on Saturday. It just wasn't a hardcore crowd and AHTY are a hardcore band. I felt bad that people were just kind of clapping, not really cheering. They were some parts Southern rock and most parts hardcore, which really came together nicely. The guitarist used a mouth organ on their last song, and it was really well done. Also, All Hail the Yeti have really awesome merchandise that says things like "Die hipster scum," and I'm pretty sure one shirt said something about hailing Satan, which is always cool, I think.

3 Pill Morning are so good, I don't know why Sirius XM Octane doesn't play more of them. 3 Pill Morning live is about four times as good as listening to them on the radio. Furthermore, hats off to them for running around the stage in suits when it was hotter than the surface of the sun in Deluxe. The crowd really dug 3 Pill Morning, because they just seemed to fill up the room and breathe out energy into the packed Deluxe crowd. There's a jaunt and a catchy-ness to 3 Pill Morning that's unique and I really liked their performance.

Escape the Fate is flat out impressive. Through multiple line-up changes, members' personal problems and too many feuds to count, Escape the Fate have pretty much kept up a racing pace for the past six years. They've only gotten better with each album. Escape the Fate is just magic on stage; every second was like witnessing a show in itself. I absolutely loved them. Between Robert's over-the-top drums, Monte and Michael's amazing guitar finesse, Craig's chill-inducing howl and TJ's all-out insanity, the entire show was the best on the bill. Sure, TJ took over most of the scream duty from Craig, but that only added a new level of vocals that was different than the album but was still enjoyable. The Escape the Fate part of the tour is entitled, "Ungrateful Tour," for the fact that their brand new album, Ungrateful, just dropped in May. I figured this meant that Escape the Fate were only going to play songs off of the new release, but was pleasantly surprised when they played songs off of the second and third albums as well (the ones that feature Craig, naturally). I do wish that they would have either played more songs off of the new release, or named the tour something else, because I was really revved up to hear most of the new album, and was a bit bummed when I realized they were only playing three songs off of it. Overall, though, Escape the Fate definitely stole the show.

Hollywood Undead - SUBMITTED
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  • Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead just blew the roof off of the place when they took to the stage. It felt like the whole crowd's energy levels were just notched up to 100 when their set kicked off. Hollywood Undead is one of those bands that still think they have to establish themselves, without realizing that they already are pretty established. They kept dragging out tracks from their first album, almost playing all of them (I kept track). Lead vocalist Danny wasn't even on that album for crying out loud; play some songs that have his input and style on! I mean, people already know my feelings on ex-singer Deuce, so obviously I was happy to hear Danny nail the vocals one hundred times better than Deuce ever did, but still, I came to hear new and old songs, not all old ones. Hollywood Undead played about 85% old songs and 15% new songs. Immensely enjoyable show, I just would have liked to have seen more recent songs, instead of hearing, "Undead," for the millionth time. Have faith in your new album and stop relying on your trusty past ones.

Hollywood Undead seemed to just be having a ball onstage; that was the best part of their show. From Funny Man smoking a blunt throughout the first song to half the band being bare foot while performing, it did indeed feel like one big party with some friends during their set. They felt very real and relatable, not like your average rock stars. I even got the chance to have a drink with J-Dog before their set simply because I ran into him at the bar. How cool is that?


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