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Review: Horvath's 'Intangible Enchantment'


Robert Horvath's "Neurofraud".
  • Robert Horvath's "Neurofraud".

4 Stars

Frank & Katrina Basile Gallery (Herron Galleries); through Sept. 22.

Robert Horvath, Assistant Professor of Painting at Herron School of Art and Design, presents a strong group of paintings and two maquettes in this solo exhibition. The maquettes feel kitschy and gaudy and are interspersed with small, craft store fur balls and hobbyist foam. There is an overriding sense of decadence and an unexpected lushness inherent in all of the art in the show. The colors and shapes Horvath incorporates into his recent paintings are odd and almost otherworldly; his move away from figurative painting is both unexpected and successful.

The artist professes to use "a technique of glazing in multi layers to create a luscious candy-colored sweetness in the surface of the works." The effect is alluring and draws the viewer into the works, which have a gorgeous sheen and a rare sense of perfection. The addition of a body of work as unexpected and unusual as this to Indianapolis' gallery scene is certainly welcome. Horvath's art is idiosyncratic and bizarre, and it will lead many to question their notion of beauty. Ultimately, the viewer is left with the overwhelming sense that beauty comes in strange forms.


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