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Review: Houndmouth at Bluebird


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If you were to try and explain Houndmouth to an uninitiated listener, you would only need to describe these five minutes of last night’s show at The Bluebird in Bloomington: During a rousing rendition of “Hey Rose,” guitarist Matt Myers stood on a drum kit and played a blistering solo from the rafters, the crowd singing the chorus loudly; one of bassist Zak Appleby’s spectacular dance moves — when someone came up with the quote “Dance like no one is watching,” they must have seen Appleby on stage first — knocked over the mic, which got righted just in time for the next verse, thanks to a timely catch by an audience member. This is Houndmouth: organized disorder. Welcome to the spectacle. Strap in and hang on.

The quartet from New Albany is touring in support of their new album Little Neon Limelight, set for a March 17 release. Each member has their moments in the spotlight, one by one being the focal point at various times in the show. Whether it is Katie Toupin stepping away from the keyboard, strapping on a guitar and singing the heartfelt and emotional ”Gasoline” or Shane Cody’s banter with the crowd between songs, this is a band that is just as good live, if not better, than when they are coursing through your headphones. 

Houndmouth encapsulates what Indiana sounds like. It is downhome good time, energetic rock. Somehow in only three years, they have managed to make themselves sound like a band that has been playing for ten. They may never have a platinum album or hit number one on the charts. They aren’t watered down enough for the masses. But there is a good chance that they will be a band everyone thinks of when they talk about musicians from Indiana.


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