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Review: Ideas about Cities: Lisa Marie Barber



3.5 stars

Clowes and Hurt Galleries; Indianapolis Art Center. In the ceramic cityscapes of Lisa Marie Barber, people rise as high (or higher) than the buildings in close proximity to them. A female figure, with hearts drawn on her chest in "Pink Hearts, Peach Buildings," looms over the road passing her feet with a car on it. In the mixed media quilt "Girl with Blue & Black Planes," it is also humanity that takes center stage in the form of a young girl; she seems to be imagining the crudely drawn planes that are flying around her. These planes are not threatening objects as often portrayed in so much contemporary art in these post 9-11 days; rather they seem to be miraculous objects viewed with a sense of wonder by a girl engaging the world for the first time. The work of this artist, who is currently based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has its analog in the popular traditions of Mexican folk art and altars. Examples of this type of art can be seen in the Day of the Dead exhibit running concurrently in the Indianapolis Art Center.But Barber's altars are monuments to the living and to the active imagination. Through Nov. 28; 255-2464,


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