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Review: Indy Indie's 'In Residence'


Ron Deane's "Cassandra: A Portrait of a Woman Fighting ED"
  • Ron Deane's "Cassandra: A Portrait of a Woman Fighting ED"

3 stars

Indy Indie Artist Colony; through June 30.

Sometimes the key to getting the most out of First Friday Art Walk is timing. If you ventured out on First Friday (June 3) to Indy Indie Artist Colony at the right moment, you were lucky to catch a bonus performance artwork: Brandon Edge Haines doing a spectacular 'robot.' The dance number was in keeping with the diversity of In Residence, an exhibition which not only featured numerous styles and themes, but also showed off the different markets for art in Indianapolis.

Bryan Moore is the official artist of the Fountain Square Brewing Company. He exhibited "Cosmic Joy," a fantasy collage-painting of Fountain Square which includes a woman in a summer dress and a background bursting with sliced fruit. The very beer it advertised was available to sample at the table set in front of the painting. Across the space, Ron Deane's "Cassandra: A Portrait of a Woman Fighting ED" struck a different chord. It portrayed a reclining, discontented nude female abstracted -- perhaps in the eyes of her perplexed lover -- with a geometric face and stylistic elongations of the arms, torso, legs and feet. I find this characteristic of Indy Indie shows: bold contrasts between the lightheartedness of the venue and the sober social realism being explored by some of the artists in residence.

The number of artists exhibiting at Indie Indy seems to grow with every show, and if you keep up with their Facebook page you might catch an unexpected performance art piece.


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